Weekend Plans? Go to Kelly Drive

Kelly Drive, right off of City Avenue by boathouse row is a great place to run. There is a course there, that if you run all the way around, is 13 miles. Perfect for pre-marithon training.

kelly7The path is scenic with views of the water. Also, there are a lot of people around having picnics, or playing games on the grass areas. Fall is really the perfect time to go there, because the trees and all the green look so beautiful! If you run towards the city, you can literally pass or even run up the Art Museum Steps. Here, there are a lot of other people running and working out. From Kelly drive, you can get into the city. Last year, my friends and  I started at boat house row, and took the trail all the way into the city. It was beautiful and fun! We ended up walking to 16th and Locust and having lunch.

For our running purposes however, stay on the actual track, and run around the beautiful nature in front of you. You will also see Water Works, the beautiful 5 star restaurant on the water. You can dream about eating their after your successful run.

Fairmount_Water_Works_LOC_314409cuIt’s important that you use the weekend for longer runs. It’s hard during the school week to actually run 10, or 11 miles. Therefore, don’t drink or go out one Friday night, and take the Saturday morning to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. You won’t regret it! That way, you will have trained, and you will feel great for your Saturday night activities. Dani London, a runner in training, wrote a great blog about rewarding yourself after you’ve reached your goal, with work-out accessories, instead of food. Read here:


Invite a roommate if they like to run, and make a day out of it! You can have a picnic after, or head into the city. Maybe you really wanted to go to the art museum, and now here is your chance. Make the most out of your weekend, and your city.



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